About Us


Direct Mop Sales, Inc. was started by Mike Julo Sr. in 2007, after nearly 30 years of working in the mop manufacturing industry. In the late 1990’s mop manufacturing companies no longer had easy cost-effective access to raw fibers to spin mop yarns and were forced into offshore outsourcing of fibers which led to offshore manufacturing. While working for a prominent mop manufacturing company in the US, as the V.P. of Manufacturing, Mike Sr. was tasked with finding partners offshore who could produce high-quality mops to the standards that the US market was accustomed to. It was during this process in the early 2000s that Direct Mop Sales, Inc. was really born because it’s these offshore manufacturing relationships that produce the high-quality products that Direct Mop Sales, Inc. provides to the market today.

Direct Mop Sales was born out of necessity to fill a hole in the market for buyers that couldn't always meet the large volume buying requirements of other manufacturers. By offering fast service on broken cases and piece by piece shipments, we give you the ability to add high quality products to your arsenal without the need to hold a large inventory or make a substantial investment. Centrally located in NE Kansas, we are able to deliver products, with no minimum order requirement, within days to anywhere in the continental US. Working with us you will find that we are easy to do business with, offer the highest quality products at the lowest possible price with consistently fast service.

We thank you for your visit and interest in our company and we look forward to providing you with professional advice and high quality products. We will strive to be your partner in your purchases, not just your supplier.

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